Saturday, October 24, 2009


It started pouring on the outer banks about 4pm. We watched a wedding
party get rained on as they were on the beach. The rain didn't seem to
bother the covert government games however. All the covert monitoring
vehicles were still in place.

The weims loved the beach and Sibley even started to love the ocean,
Delaney not so much on the water.

A cruise of Alligator River NWR was a waste of time so we headed south.

In Engelhard the Feedhouse was excellent as always.

It isn't raining here but the humidity is significant. Temperature is
around 73. Prize-winning mosquitos are out for a filling of blood this
evening. We are donating what we can to help.

In Seach Of, next to a corn field just north of Nebraska.


Just goofing off today. We slept late after being awakened by commercial
fishrman loading up. All was fine except for one that worked on their boat
for a while with the motor running. I'd guess of of the fuel was going
straight out the exhaust of the small block motor and directly to our
downwind location. I moved the truck about one hundred yards forward and
promptly went back to sleep.

We are at Pea Island again looking for the spoonbills that were here. So
far we've had no luck...


In the tough life of Sibley... He is laying on the bed smelling the not so
fresh smell of the marsh.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Travel time

We packed up and headed to our nite camp. On the way we gave The Man a
liitle jab depositing our trash in an unmanned dumpster.

This nite camp should be fantastic. Slight concern of noise in the early
am, but we need to get up anyway.

Something in the night air has the hounds excited. You can see Delaney,
nose to the open window, examining the scents of the night air.

In Search Of, sticking it to the man, somewhere east of Omaha.

sitting, waiting

After a long night of driving and an early morning at the welding shop in
Wanchese we were pooped.

After a little food we carried the hounds to the beach. This was their
first trip on the sand and with the ocean. Oh my.

After the pups got tired we did a little birding at Pea Island National
Wildlife Refuge. Fall birds are clearing out and winter birds are moving
in. There were a few american avocets and a handful of white pelicans.

Then further south in search of nothing. We found it here. Took a nap, a
few photos, and waiting for the carribean chicken to finish cooking.

Rod rack

Some detail of the newly improved rod rack. A stick of aluminum and some
fresh tig welding and now the rack has increased ground clearance.

Big rig

The Eagle Cap is ready for the open road, or beach.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009