Thursday, February 21, 2008

Great hot sauce

Louisana Gold pepper sauce

A little hot with great flavor.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008

events of the day

Today was a very interesting day. First, it was windy so we tried to stay
in the cover of the truck as much as possible.

At Pea Island the birds have left. There were only a few hundred birds
there. We did see a guy with one of the monster Canon lenses, either 500mm
or 600mm, huge.

After lunch we headed to Cape Point, stopping by the old lighthouse site
first. We didn't see many birds at either location. There were a couple
thousand gulls but nothing interesting. The salt ponds had minimal
activity with just a handful of various species of ducks.

The waves were crashing huge at the point. There were a handful of people
fishing but we didn't see anything caught.

We did see an idiot in a Jeep Cherokee going crazy on the beach doing
donuts and generally driving crazy. Long story short a DMF guy saw him and
got him. We went voer to make sure the DMF guy knew the whole story. The
DMF guy said he would call NPS to get federal charges on him. He needed
it. Another guy as well as us had been watching him and both went to the
DMF officer.

With few birds on the beach we headed to Alligator River National Wildlife
Refuge hoping for a short-eared owl or a red wolf. Unfortunately we didn't
find either. We did meet a few other birders there and met some new ones.

We got invited to a northern saw-whet owl banding in Virginia. How cool
is that?

We've set up camp at the old Mann's Harbor Motel site. Unfortunately it
looks like this might be the last use for this site as someone has started
construction on a building. There is a large section of gravel that looks
to be a foundation of a building.

Spagetti for dinner. Are you a little bit jealous?


The Trailhead Tire Deflators really do the trick. In just a couple minutes
the tires were ready for the beach. Had to go to 24 front, 37 aft for the
beach at Buxton. The sand was very soft.

Interesting sticker

Met the owner out on the beach. He walked, in 20kt winds, from the fish
cleaning station to Cape Point and back to look at birds. That is a long
way in any wind, not to mention the terrible wind we had today.

Ah, here it is...

anyone seen the lighthouse

It used to be here, in Buxton. The Cape Hatteras lighthouse, yunno?


Breeezy, 20 knot winds today.

Not many birds stirring. The ponds at Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge
were nearly empty. We did see a possible white morph reddish egret.

The boat ramp at Oregon Inlet was empty and the harbor was full. We saw
one boat in the ocean and one going out the inlet, both were taking a bad


Big breakfast today

Lunch at new inlet

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday recap

Today was full of activity so I didn't get to keep up with the blog.

Pettigrew waqs unusually void of birds so we left there pretty early. On
the way out we did get a handful of hawks on the way back to Creswell.

Just east of Creswell there was plenty of activity, including bald eagles
on the catfish ponds.

We stopped at J Morgan Fultch Gamelands on 64. Wow, was a magical place.
There are several waterfowl impoundments that were all FULL of birds. It
is a great place to work on duck ID on the wing. We saw some monster bear
tracks there.

We tried the trail at the south end of Buffalo City Road at Alligator River
National Wildlife Refuge but didn't have much success there either. Birds
didn't seem to be moving around much today.

On Milltail Road at ARNWR we found the birds. There was 16 greater white
fronted geese, a rarity for NC. Then,just down the road from the helipad,
we found a red wolf. Isn't that the greatest thing?

Nite spot

Hard to see but it is a great spot overlooking million dollar yachts.


The trail at the end of buffalo city road.

who belongs to this print?

Just bigger than a quarter.

birds everywhere

Thousands of tundra swans, thousands of ducks, hundreds of wood ducks,
hundreds of ring-necked ducks.

did I mention ducks and swans?

bear paw print

At j morgan fulch game lands. It was wider than my hand...

last night's sleeping spot

the start of the day


Up a little late. Breakfast is served. Lots of activity outside.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Today, thus far

Today started out just before 7 with decent temperatures in the 40s which
later warmed into the 50s. There were lots of bird to be found this
morning even though the bird count is definately down here. We found 58
species by high noon but only found 3 more the rest of the day.

There are lots of people here. We passed 20 or so cars today. Thre were
also plenty of people fishing. At nearly every culvert there was two cars

The managment here is out of control. They are leveling all the trees
around. I'm unsure how they expect to attact birds. Birds like trees,

I got a tick off of me that had dug in pretty good. I tagged and bagged it
in case Harasio (sp?) needs to check it out.

Steak and shrimp are currently cooking on the grill. It should be a very
good dinner after a long day of birding. Don't you wish you were here?

dinner spot

Does it look like our lunch spot?

the rides

says it all

nap spot

riding down wildlife drive

the sun is coming soon

lunch spot

Friday, February 8, 2008