Friday, November 13, 2009

more photos

We walked around a bit today but that's about it. I did take some photos.


Here are a few photos from today. Do they look like yesterday? It is
still gray and windy with scattered drizzles. The wind has increased this

Checkout the ferry landing. Yeah its all wet. The villages is flooded.
The beach is still flooding although less than before.

Our exact location will need to be a secret. We are on safe, high ground


And for today we reintroduce wind, hard wind gusting to over 30mph.

We'll also sprinkle in a bit of rain for good measure.

Packing up and headed back to the village for some water since we are
starting to run low. We just saw a vehicle come south so the filled in
inlets are still filled in. That's important. Plus, that means the beach
is currently passable.

Forecast has changed and it looks poor for today too.

Core Sound has much bigger waves than yesterday. Temp is 60, gray out,
spitting rain, did I mention wind?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rain rain rain

The tide has reached its peak and now isn't flowing over the beach

The gray sky is now drizzling rain.


I've finished The Art of Bird Photography by Arthur Morris. I've had it
several years but it isn't exciting reading so it always went to the bottom
of the pile. I vowed to finish it on this trip.

High tide along with the stiff winds is pushing the angry ocean over the
beach. It is completely covered now. The cuts in the dunes are constant
flowing streams now.

I can see both ferries on the mainland. I'm sure there wasn't service

Word is the village is flooded and the ferry dock area is a pond. That
doesn't take too much to do however.

The sun of the morning has yielded to gray skies and slightly decrrasing
temperatures. I had to turn the heat on for a couple minutes to knock the
chill out.

Aft view

Overlooking Core Sound.

photos from the day

A few photos from the day.

out on the beach, the angry ocean, and safety tucked away again.


We made it out but it started all over again 4 hours before high tide.
Already overwash!

Night'n mornin'

About 10 pm the wind started kicking up last night and then around 1 am it
really let us know. I woke up and went to survey the ocean to make sure it
wasn't going to wash over. The foam was already coming over and by the
time I finished the survey water was beginning to wash over the peak of the

We called safe harbor and headed for high ground. We parked about 30 feet
from the house on stilts. We are now closer to the sound than the ocean.

This morning we are sitting in a few inches of water but it should't be a
problem. We've already seen a couple vehicles go down the beach so we'll
be good once we get out of this cut that is still full of standing water.

Photos out aft, port aft, down steps and forward starboard.

Breezy out with nice temp of 69. Sunny to light cloud cover here. It
looks to be a good day out regardless of the forecast!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

As the day continues

Met Pop's homies that he used to come with. They were out fishing for a
bit today.

We've mostly stayed in the camper and caught up on reading. I'm finally
going to finish Bird Photography by Arthur Morris that I've had for years.
It is a pretty boring book. I'm looking forward to getting back to more
exciting reading.

Sold an ISP to someone in Litvia today, that was cool.

Sitting on high ground not far from sea level, both of them.


Got up today to a gray drizzly day. The ocean has more teeth to it today.

We've been goofing around today too sorry to fish. For much of the day
we've enjoyed watching gulls drop scallops on the beach to open them. I
didn't know gulls were smart enough to figure this out.

The rain is starting to pick up and the wind is starting to move
directions, it is apparent the impending storm is well en route.

Gray skies, light rain, 67F.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Jimmy Buffett concert is over so we're headed to bed.

Jerry Jeff Walker sings at the moment.

Fill and dump

Went to the village to fill and dump before the storm. There is something
special about getting fresh water from the bait cleaning station. For some
reason a bunch of people were washing their trucks at the dump station...

Stopped at Desdamona's bait and tackle. Ok, not really.

Met Jim.

Headed south to the end. Wow, it is a long way now.

Found a spot by the dunes to grill burgers. Should be tasty with carribean
spices and fries. Can you taste them and the peperocinis?


A view out aft this morning. It is a gray day that started with a
sprinkling of rain.

With the forecast we headed south to dump and fill. The storms are
probably going to flood the village. With a fresh supply of water we'll be
good for a while.

On the way south we had some excitement... We stuck the truck up in some
soft sand. We dug on it for nearly an hour and even had some help for the
last bit. The tide was coming in so I headed up the beach and ran into a
soft spot. After the big dig we were off on our way.

Stopped for lunch and we'll continue south.

Monday, November 9, 2009


On the beach after lunch, its great!

Pogy boats just packed up and left, guess all the pogies are aboard and
whatever carnage is floating in the sea...


Got kindof hungry from catchin all the flounder so we took a break for

Tomato soup, sandwich, jalapenos, and some hot hot hot green hot sauce.

Great day outside with temps in the 60s and enough wide to keep the
mosquitos off.

The other photo is of a pack of crackers.where the package tighted and the
crackers busted out. Wonder if we bought them at altitufe and brought them
here where they did that? Ever buy a bag of chips at low altitude and
carry them to 6000 feet? The bag blow up huge!

Pogy boats slaughtering the sea

In view are 6 pogy boats and a spotter plane killing everything in sight.
Wake up NC and stop this activity.

Top of the mornin to ya

View from port this morning during breakfast.

Much cloudier today, wind died last night about 7 and has not picked up
since. Looks to be a little warmer at 62F already.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


A coupla views, one out aft, and the other out starboard.

57F, sunny, light wind.

One fear came true last night. More on that later.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Remember I got something for the hounds today? Have you been wondering
what it was?

We'll it's a stuffed wood duck!


Finally got tired of the junker Jensen radio that doesn't even play mp3 cds
and put in a new Kenwood.

Can you see what is playing? :-)

After getting minimal sleep last night, traveling today, unpacking, and
packing mullet we are pooped.

when the sun goes down

Great sunset. Look close for the newest addition. :-)

back road

Due to some beach closures... We had to travel the back road in places. We
aren't driving jack be nimble here so it was slow going.

on the ferry

Photos from the front row.


It doesn't get any more official than this for Portsmouth.

A Tiger truck camper that came back on the Portsmouth ferry today. I
wanted to take a look but he zoomed off... These are made all in one by
Tiger, similar to a class c, instead of traditional truck and camper.

blast from the past

Great place to get bait in Pamlico County! This is where we go when boat

Portsmouth 09 begins

You might've stayed in a Holiday Inn Express but we stayed in a Wal Mart,
beat that.

Stopped in the Neuse for a bit. Got the hounds something special. Can you
guess what?

Saturday, October 24, 2009


It started pouring on the outer banks about 4pm. We watched a wedding
party get rained on as they were on the beach. The rain didn't seem to
bother the covert government games however. All the covert monitoring
vehicles were still in place.

The weims loved the beach and Sibley even started to love the ocean,
Delaney not so much on the water.

A cruise of Alligator River NWR was a waste of time so we headed south.

In Engelhard the Feedhouse was excellent as always.

It isn't raining here but the humidity is significant. Temperature is
around 73. Prize-winning mosquitos are out for a filling of blood this
evening. We are donating what we can to help.

In Seach Of, next to a corn field just north of Nebraska.


Just goofing off today. We slept late after being awakened by commercial
fishrman loading up. All was fine except for one that worked on their boat
for a while with the motor running. I'd guess of of the fuel was going
straight out the exhaust of the small block motor and directly to our
downwind location. I moved the truck about one hundred yards forward and
promptly went back to sleep.

We are at Pea Island again looking for the spoonbills that were here. So
far we've had no luck...


In the tough life of Sibley... He is laying on the bed smelling the not so
fresh smell of the marsh.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Travel time

We packed up and headed to our nite camp. On the way we gave The Man a
liitle jab depositing our trash in an unmanned dumpster.

This nite camp should be fantastic. Slight concern of noise in the early
am, but we need to get up anyway.

Something in the night air has the hounds excited. You can see Delaney,
nose to the open window, examining the scents of the night air.

In Search Of, sticking it to the man, somewhere east of Omaha.

sitting, waiting

After a long night of driving and an early morning at the welding shop in
Wanchese we were pooped.

After a little food we carried the hounds to the beach. This was their
first trip on the sand and with the ocean. Oh my.

After the pups got tired we did a little birding at Pea Island National
Wildlife Refuge. Fall birds are clearing out and winter birds are moving
in. There were a few american avocets and a handful of white pelicans.

Then further south in search of nothing. We found it here. Took a nap, a
few photos, and waiting for the carribean chicken to finish cooking.

Rod rack

Some detail of the newly improved rod rack. A stick of aluminum and some
fresh tig welding and now the rack has increased ground clearance.

Big rig

The Eagle Cap is ready for the open road, or beach.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tangled mess

Zwei weims

Friday, July 10, 2009