Monday, May 25, 2009


...we're back. It was fun, wish we were still there.

Check back in a week or so for some better photos and videos from the trip.

Put a candle in the window, we are headed home

Welcome to Virginia

It is still raining and is 67 degrees.

West Virginia

We stopped and has a quick lunch at Wendy's and fed the truck as well. We
are just outside of Charleston, West Virginia still headed to NC.

There was a crazy guy in Wendy's that made everyone kind of nervous. If
that was not enough, the power went out while we were eating.

It is raining right now and 74 degrees.


We stayed at Cracker Barrel last night on the east side of Indianapolis. We
are up and off this morning and just entered the state of Kentucky.

The pictures are of carnage from the hood of the truck for about 8000 miles
and the camper for about 5000 miles. There are lots of bugs out west!

Welcome to Indiana

We made a stop for dinner at Ruby Tuesday earlier. We also fed the truck.
We just entered the state of Indiana, and are going to try and make it to
the other side of Indianapolis before we stop for the night.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome to Illinois

Quick trip to Wisconsin

Quicktrip to Wisconsin, across the Mississippi River. Back to Iowa and
headed for home.

Field of Dreams

Build it and they will come

Did you guess where we were going? We stopped in Dyersville, Iowa to see
the Field of Dreams movie site.

They built it, and we came. It was
exactly like it was in the movie.


We made a quick stop for lunch at Taco Johns. This is a fast food Mexican
restaurant out here. Fresh west mex, it was good.

Welcome to Iowa


We entered Minnesota yesterday afternoon. Last night we stayed at Wal-Mart
in Worthington, Minnesota. This morning we are off again headed for home.
Have you guessed what our stop in Iowa will be?

Saturday, May 23, 2009


We have been at badlands today. It is cloudy today and the temperature
keeps falling. Not the best day to take pictures since the colors are

We met a nice couple and their daughter from Elizabeth City, NC. They were
driving to Kodiak, Alaska to live for 3 years. The husband was in the Coast

We give Badlands two thumbs up.

Minuteman Missile

We went by one of the missle silos, but they were not open today.

Headed home

We just left Badlands and are headed to NC. One quick stop in Iowa though.
Can you guess what it is?

Last night

We made it to Badlands last night, and stayed in the campground. We made
dinner and watched part of a movie. It rained last night and was very windy.

Wall, South Dakota

We went back to Wall for food for us and the truck.

High sheriff around here drives a Suburban.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wall Drug

We made a quick stop at the infamous Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota. It is
just like an old drug store, but much larger. Now we are off to Badlands
National Park.

Mt. Rushmore

It was grand.

Crazy Horse Memorial

We went to the Crazy Horse Memorial, but the fee was $27. So, we did not go
in, but admired from afar.


People is South Dakota are crazy about waterslides. Motels even have them.

Mountain Goat

We were very lucky and got to see a mountain goat up close!


We had a nice stay at Wally World last night. We got up this morning and
did a little grocery shopping, and now we are on our way to the Crazy Horse
Memorial. It is sunny and 69 degrees.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Now this looks more like North Dakota

The people in North Dakota were extremely friendly.

Welcome to South Dakota


We are now headed south to South Dakota.

Enchanted Highway - Tin Family

At this exhibit, we were able to meet the artist Gary Greff. He was a super
nice guy. We also learned that North Dakota does not get as much snow as we
thought. Only about 5 feet.

Enchanted Highway - Whirly Gigs

Enchanted Highway - Teddy Rides Again

Enchanted Highway - Pheasants on the Prarie

We saw hundreds of ring-necked pheasants along the roadside in North Dakota.