Saturday, April 11, 2009

new place

A new and very cool, in more ways than one, spot.

It is near Black Balsam Mountain.

The temperature difference was over 20 degrees cooler than the low country
at Davidson River Campground. Elevation change just shy of 4000'. The
summit of the road is about 5800'. It took about an hour to get back down.

To foggy and windy to hear northern saw whet owls at the top. We did hear
american woodcocks though!

We are back at the campground with a decent temperature of 57 degrees.

another view

At Graveyard Fields on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Wonder what is up with this tree? It is missing part of its bark.

tired dog

Orion had enough and needed a nap.


to the Blue Ridge Parkway we go

We headed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to see what might be around at

On the way up we passed many bikers. 276 wouldn't be an easy hill climb.
Someday when the hip recovers....

Photo taken from the lunch spot. I forget the name of this rock. Oh well.
I had a turkey sandwich. It really hit the spot.

The temperature is much cooler here at almost 5000'. It is also pretty
windy. At Davidson River some trees and flowers are starting to bloom
while up here there are no signs of spring.

walk in the woods

Went out first thing this morning, by 7, in search of birds at Davidson
River Campground. Not much stiring this morning probably due to the dreary
conditions. It rained part of the night and this morning was cool and damp.

Later we looked for birds on the short trail near the Pisgah Ranger
Station. It wasn't a long walk but it was a walk. There were a few birds
out including a blue headed vireo and a black throated green warbler tha
both came to within hand holding range from pishing.

The sun is coming out and warming the air up. It shall be a grand, yet
cool, day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

And then...

It rained more. Gore tex wouldn't stand a chance. Plus lightening Ben
Franklin would enjoy.


Been holding this for a couple weeks and it's time to share it. I love
these rides.

This Chevrolet was in Greensboro. What a great shade of orange!


From last night. It is the coolest. We've had it happen in the southwest

Buy a bag o chips in the low country and carry them to high altitude. The
pressure in the bag is relatively higher causing the bag to blow up.

Try it!

No chips were harmed in this photo.


While resting in the rain.

campsite view

At Davidson River Campground.


We went to Walmart and the grocery store in Brevard while it was raining.
Interestingly enough they had bricks of .22 ammo so I bought a couple
thousand rounds. With the current ammo panic it is impossible to find.

Photo of the continued rain.

Friday is a new day

Woke up early, didn't really sleep, and headed out before 8. Found a blue
headed vireo and red breasted nuthatch. Then the rain set in.

It has rained and stormed most of the day. Since the high country
campground was closed we headed for Sunburst only to find the Blue Ridge
Parkway was closed south of 276 presumably due to the cold weather this
week. So...

Down the mountain we go. At the Pisgah Ranger Station we found out the BRP
was now open. Rather than go back up we decided to stay in the low country
at Davidson River Campground.

Why so many campgrounds you ask? We haven't got the knack for hiding the
big Tioga yet.

Still raining. But wait! Now with thunder and lightening.


So what happened on Thursday night?

We arrived at Pisgah Campground and it was closed! It hasn't opened for
summer yet. I guess it is still cold above 5000'.

So we found a dark corner of the earth and went to sleep.

We'll first I went out lokking, and listening, for northern saw whet owls.
As usual with saw whets I had no luck. Someday...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A clue or two

A photo taken on interstate 40 in North Carolina.

on the road

In the Tioga this time.

James McMurty playing the tunes from the ipod.

Where are we going? Only time will tell.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Reddrum and Speckled Trout as Gamefish in NC

A bill has been introduced in the NC house to make reddrum (redfish) and
speckled trout a gamefish in NC. This will make it illegal to sell
reddrum or speckled trout in NC. Why haven't we heard more about this?

It is probably doomed with Marc Basnight in office, however it is worth
a try!

Link to the actual bill.

Did you know that NC is one of only two states in the US that allows the
sell of reddrum?