Sunday, November 16, 2008


We were out taking photos and the caretaker came and picked us up for an
earlier ferry. Orion got to ride in the back of a pickup truck. Not so
happy about it either.

After sandwiching us in the Green Grass we are off.

Got up, packed up and walked the villag for a bit taking photos.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pretty crazy. Mid November and shorts and a t-shirt is sufficient clothing.

Pretty crazy. Mid November and shorts and a t-shirt is sufficient clothing.

Pretty crazy. Mid November and shorts and a t-shirt is sufficient clothing.


Meatloaf, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes.


Today we saw a banded brown pelican dead on the beach. Took photos and
called the band number in. They will send me the history. Trawlers too?

Also saw a dead gannet. It hadn't been dead too long. Examined it a bit.
Man what a wingspan.


Pretty neat tonight. Every one is different.


Some serious flooding here and there in the village.

dead drum

We counted 44 dead red drum driving down the beach today. 90 percent in
the 45" range.

NCDMF stop commrcial fishing from killing everything in sight! I'm
guessing these are the result of the trawlers just off the beach. Just
like the dolphin DEAD. Stop the madness!

rut ro

What it looks like when the tide overcomes you in the night.

All was fine though.


Needed a quick snack so we could keep fishing.

Mini pizzas were excellent!


A brief look at the sun.

The temperature was very nice around 70. light to no wind. Too little

Storms a comin

Friday's stuff

The next few are from Friday.

Eggs and grits for brakfast.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I know all of you are sitting on your seats. Cell phone is not working so well so we'll have updates tomorrow including karma smiles.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Thanks to Guffey we had some great shrimp tonight!


This was our safe harbor for most of the day.


The Atlantic Ocean was foaming at the mouth today.

the angry Atlantic Ocean

look quick

The sun made an appearance late this afternoon.

We went out and threw hopkins for a while to no avail.

Making dinner. Shrimps!

Wind and rain

The rain and wind continues. Winds gusting over 30 now i'd guess.

breakfast time

After running for safety there was no need in trying to return to sleep.

So... we made breakfast. If only we had bacon. But, we had grits, eggs,
and bread.

A Jimmy Buffet streams from Radio Margarittaville on Sirius radio this

Weather continues to deteriorate with winds gusting in the 25kt range and
the rain is now "hard."

Orion has called it an official rest day.


We came 4 miles south to higher ground. There was concern the flat area
about mile 3 would be flooded from sound to ocean but it was not, yet. We
were able to make it though.

We now have some dunes nearby to run for cover should the situation
continue to deteriorate.

Photo out the back door. The sea is angry today. It is also not receding
from high tide this morning around 7am.

flood update

The flood is coming at 8:30 am. From the soundside water is overcoming the
western side of the island. The ocean isn't receding from its high tide
this morning either. Soon this area will be for the fishes.

We are heading south for higher ground.

Winds northerly 15-20kts. Raining medium hard. All the birds are sitting
on what high ground is left.


You don't see many sunrises on the blog here. There is a
reason for that. We here at don't see many sunrises either.

This morning was special because there was a high tide at sunrise with a
full moon last night and also a strong northerly wind kicking up. We were
concerned their may be a flood and we might need to run for high ground.

While the ninja mobile can do a lot of things, it can't swim.

At this time the coast was clear.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today to the village

Was fill and empty day.

We emptied the full tanks and filled the empty tanks including an extra 10
gallons of water.

Then off to the north end of Portsmouth Island for some fishing.

It's just us out here on the full moon Novemember night. Temperature is
about 60 with a 10 kt wind. Not too bad for now.

We can see the lemmings jockying for position on Ocracoke. It is nice to
not have anyone in sight. Yesterday we didn't see a single vehicle all day!


Sunset was nothing less than splendid for those of you that missed it.


A sanderling eating and guarding the shrimp we deheaded.


After a long, hard day the sun fades over the horizon.


Trawlers part ii

Within 1/2 mile of the beach this morning. Lined up one after another
after another...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post sunset


Going to be a beautiful sunset tonight.


Trawlers have been out at night raping the resource. is
opposed to commercial fishing raping the seas.


Huge jellyfish type species have washed up since last night too.


Look at the teeth on this thing!


A dead dolphin washed up at some point since last night.

reddish egret

A photo of the reddish egret on the north end of portsmouth.

Dunal area


Saw a couple bones like this one. About a foot or so long.

Anyone know what it is?

another animal print

dunal area we walked in


On a walk through the dune we came across many differnt animal prints. This
is one of them.

Saw a reddish egret on the north end of Portsmouth today!

Soup and sandwich for lunch. Its cold, it was good.

Top of the morin to ya. Had gravy over untoasted toast for breakfast. It was good. Was your breakfast good?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Soaking 2 big pieces of mullet. Plus Pop's rod.

The moon is not somewhere over china but rather directly overhead. Supposed to be good fishing!


Almost a full moon here tonight.


Fishing under the almost full moon.

When the sun goes down

It gets cold!


Sanderlings are everywhere as usual. Just had two fighting 10' in front of
us over territory. A black bellied plover is on the other side of the
truck. A piping plover came by while the sanderlings were fighting.

Saw a few caspian terns earlier.

Wind has picked up and its cooling off. Its going to be cold tonight.

A few small bluefish to report.

Ocean is calm. Could yak right from the beach.


Just put the 2nd backup 10 gallons of water in and almost filled up. We've
still got 15 gallons of backup too. Should be 3 days before we msut go
south. Its a long ways there from the north end.


Just got buzzed by Coast Guard helicopter 6015. Too close for a 100mm zoom

Pop catches a fish

We'll its more like bait but nonetheless a small bluefish.

the spread

Abu garcias, penns, ambassadeurs, g loomis, lamiglass, and some pinnacles.


Light pain 2 this morning. Took 3 aleve since they did so good yesterday.


Got a sleeping problem. Can't seem to sleep past 8:15...

Breakfast shot

The view from the camp spot. Bright sunny day with light winds and 6c
degrees. Looks like a front just came through.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Stroganoff for dinner this evening. Twas very good, especially with the
fat cut off the meat!


Pretty colors out this evening.

late afternoon

Trent fishing and Orion resting.


Is having a big time acting a fool.

across the inlet

To more of Core Banks.


In Old Drum Inlet with hopkins.

Truck at the inlet

It was nice out today. Later in the aft the wind picked up and it cooled
off to chilly.