Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wii fit

So today is the release date for the Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii system. I got a hunch that the units might sell out quickly this morning. Originally I'd planned to go at lunch and try to get a system, however last night I changed my mind and decided to be there when Best Buy opened.

I arrived at Best Buy at 10:00am est. I had even checked my clock against atomic time before leaving home. When I pulled into the parking lot it was 1/3 full and people were already in the store. I feared the worst as I went in search of the Wii Fit.In the store everyone I saw was carrying a Wii Fit. Near the Nintendo Wii section there was a crowd of 15+ people. I thought I'd missed it... A sales rep came by and I asked if I'd missed them and he told me there were some left on the next row. I dashed to where he pointed and scored a Wii Fit!

Fifteen minutes later and I would not have got a Nintendo Wii Fit.

I've got some work to do so I won't get to play with it until lunch. More later from one of the cool people that scored a Wii Fit, me! Remember there are those less fortunate that didn't get a Wii Fit.