Thursday, November 12, 2009

Night'n mornin'

About 10 pm the wind started kicking up last night and then around 1 am it
really let us know. I woke up and went to survey the ocean to make sure it
wasn't going to wash over. The foam was already coming over and by the
time I finished the survey water was beginning to wash over the peak of the

We called safe harbor and headed for high ground. We parked about 30 feet
from the house on stilts. We are now closer to the sound than the ocean.

This morning we are sitting in a few inches of water but it should't be a
problem. We've already seen a couple vehicles go down the beach so we'll
be good once we get out of this cut that is still full of standing water.

Photos out aft, port aft, down steps and forward starboard.

Breezy out with nice temp of 69. Sunny to light cloud cover here. It
looks to be a good day out regardless of the forecast!