Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday is a new day

Woke up early, didn't really sleep, and headed out before 8. Found a blue
headed vireo and red breasted nuthatch. Then the rain set in.

It has rained and stormed most of the day. Since the high country
campground was closed we headed for Sunburst only to find the Blue Ridge
Parkway was closed south of 276 presumably due to the cold weather this
week. So...

Down the mountain we go. At the Pisgah Ranger Station we found out the BRP
was now open. Rather than go back up we decided to stay in the low country
at Davidson River Campground.

Why so many campgrounds you ask? We haven't got the knack for hiding the
big Tioga yet.

Still raining. But wait! Now with thunder and lightening.