Saturday, February 9, 2008

Today, thus far

Today started out just before 7 with decent temperatures in the 40s which
later warmed into the 50s. There were lots of bird to be found this
morning even though the bird count is definately down here. We found 58
species by high noon but only found 3 more the rest of the day.

There are lots of people here. We passed 20 or so cars today. Thre were
also plenty of people fishing. At nearly every culvert there was two cars

The managment here is out of control. They are leveling all the trees
around. I'm unsure how they expect to attact birds. Birds like trees,

I got a tick off of me that had dug in pretty good. I tagged and bagged it
in case Harasio (sp?) needs to check it out.

Steak and shrimp are currently cooking on the grill. It should be a very
good dinner after a long day of birding. Don't you wish you were here?