Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday recap

Today was full of activity so I didn't get to keep up with the blog.

Pettigrew waqs unusually void of birds so we left there pretty early. On
the way out we did get a handful of hawks on the way back to Creswell.

Just east of Creswell there was plenty of activity, including bald eagles
on the catfish ponds.

We stopped at J Morgan Fultch Gamelands on 64. Wow, was a magical place.
There are several waterfowl impoundments that were all FULL of birds. It
is a great place to work on duck ID on the wing. We saw some monster bear
tracks there.

We tried the trail at the south end of Buffalo City Road at Alligator River
National Wildlife Refuge but didn't have much success there either. Birds
didn't seem to be moving around much today.

On Milltail Road at ARNWR we found the birds. There was 16 greater white
fronted geese, a rarity for NC. Then,just down the road from the helipad,
we found a red wolf. Isn't that the greatest thing?