Saturday, October 2, 2010

Atlantic City and Monopoly

Not wanting to spend too much time in NJ, but wanting to at least get a taste we decided to pick out a few lighthouses to stop at. One was in Atlantic City which was a very exciting place to be at 5pm on a workday. The casinos were huge and everywhere, but naturally most of the streets we were on were places you didn't really want to be. The Garmin Nuvi took us by a gay strip club, the homeless shelter, a park with 200+ homeless, plenty of drug dealers, and all the other fun stuff you get to see in large cities.

After a few minutes I noticed the street names were Monopoly property names. I'd forgotten that the properties from Monopoly were named after streets in Atlantic City. We finally found the lighthouse and the gates were closed so we found a place to stop and snap a few photos without getting shot. Bullet-free we got the photos and off we went.

I must mention how good people drive in NJ. People were polite and gave me plenty of room on the narrow streets in Atlantic City. On the Garden State Parkway people were courteous. After all I'd heard about drivers in NJ I must say it is much easier and more pleasurable than driving in NC. I've driven in most states now and NC drivers are by far the worst. Also, I must mention how friendly people have been in NJ. I'm really surprised.