Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wal Mart and Trains

We stopped at a Wal Mart somewhere along the way for the evening. I'm not sure what town it was in. Within 15 minutes of arriving a train went by on the edge of the parking lot. It was a passenger train, uh oh, there will be more of those. Sure enough every 10 minutes or so another train passed. They appeared to stop around midnight and we didn't have any trouble sleeping. Also, the oddest Wal Mart ever. It was built into a strip mall. On one side of the strip mall Wal Mart had a sign and entrance, just 20' wide, like all the other stores. On the backside however there was a more traditional Wal Mart entrance, but you had to pass the shipping docks to get there. Weird. You can see the train rail equipment in the distance in one of the photos.