Saturday, October 2, 2010

Final Cape May and the wind of Tropical Storm Nicole

With the tropical storm coming we had decided to get a spot in a campground with hookups so we could use the A/C with the expected humidity. We did so, but on Thursday when we got up we found the storm moved inland and it wasn't even raining though it was very windy. Then we had to decide whether to stay until Friday when epic hawk migrations were expected or move on northward. The weather has been poor for hawk migrations for about a week and conditions were expected to be perfect on Friday with winds from the northwest. Since Cape May is within driving distance for a long weekend trip we decided to move on northward. Before we did we went back to Cape May Point, the site of the hawk watch, to confirm nothing exciting was happening. nadda. Then we went to Cape May Bird Observatory which Pete Dunn is behind. That was a mistake as they have a large used book section. Loaded down with new to me books we headed northward.

We drove by the Cape May beaches and the houses were unreal. Also, noticed the flags on the top of the motel. That'll give ya some indication of windspeed today.

Did I mention how windy it was? Luckily we missed the rain on Thursday, but we got an ample supply of wind. Driving the big box would have been impossible on a single wheel truck, but luckily we now have a dual-rear wheel truck so it was much more manageable. Unfortunately that extra set of wheels is going to cost us later, literally.