Sunday, October 3, 2010

Liberty Park

Then, the largest surprise of the trip thus far, we ended up at Liberty Park just outside of New York, NY. This is where you ride a ferry to the Statue of Liberty. We didn't ride the ferry, but we took lots of photos of the area. I don't care much for large cities, however I must say NY is incredibly photogenic. In fact, I think one could take photos for weeks just from Liberty Park and not run out of subjects. There was also a partially restored central railroad terminal. We probably should've spent a little more time around it, but we were concerned about bring in NY at 5pm, on a Friday, in the rain, and trying to drive a giant truck camper around. A fear we later found to be well-founded. On one spot on the lawn there was two lines created that pointed to the site of the Twin Towers that fell in NY. The other end of Liberty Park was a great place to view the Statue of Liberty along with a nice flag display. This is where Liberation Monument is. More cell phone panoramas too! Obviously I'm amazed at the quality of the iphone's photos. These have no post-processing. If I had more time I could do so much more with them, but that's what the hundreds of photos we are taking with the SLR cameras are for I suppose.