Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bolivar Flats

After leaving Smith Oakes we headed to Boy Scout Woods at High Island. Not a lot of birds today, but we did see a Painted Bunting. He was in the top of a tree singing his little heart out.
Lisa's astute sense of spotting, found a corn snake hanging out in the rafters of the visitors shelter. We watched a guy climb up and catch him with his bare hands and no tools.
We then drove over to Boliver Flats to look for shore birds. Bolivar Flats is a place on the beach north of the shipping channel. The shipping channel is a traffic jam for large cargo ships.
After taking pictures of a large amount of shore birds, we took the ferry over to Galveston. Galveston is a beautiful somewhat undeveloped area similar to the outer banks without all the ridiculous houses.
We found a place to take on water and continued on to Ramondsvile and had dinner at a tex-mex restaurant. Unfortunately we have reached the part of the trip where we have to stay in Walmarts. Camped at camp Wally in Bay Bridge.