Thursday, May 2, 2013

Peveto Woods

On Sunday, after a peaceful night sleep on the beach, we headed to Peveto Woods Sanctuary. Upon arriving we were fortunate enough that a group from Baton Rouge were there banding birds, and there had just been a fallout. For those of you who are not birders and you have not seen the movie "The Big Year", a fallout occurs when there is a weather front and a northerly wind forces birds down as soon as they get to land. The area we are in is the spring migration route from the Yucatan up the Mississippi. It is known as the Mississippi flyway.
It was an incredible birding day to begin with, made even more special by watching the banders. The banders were catching so many birds they took down half their nets, and had to release dozens of birds before they could band them. This is because they can only keep them so long before releasing them. A great way to get up close views of birds that you usually only catch a fleeting glance. You also learn how difficult it is to distinguish different species, when the banders are having to measure feathers and bills to determine the species. These guys had doctorate degrees in Ornithology.
What an awesome day!