Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kemp Sea Turtles at Padre Island

At Padre they celebrate finding a turtle nest by raising the turtle flag. The Kemp Sea turtle is an endangered sea turtle that lays its eggs on Padre Island. Turtles dig a hole, lay their eggs and leave them. The baby turtles hatch, dig their way out and make their way to the sea. However, at Padre they collect the eggs and incubate them to give them a better chance of survival. Gulls and other animals can otherwise dig the nests up and eat them.
We left Padre and headed south in search of lodging for the evening. We went to Golden Corral in Harlingen for dinner and across the street were hundreds of green parakeets coming in to roost. After dinner we fueled up for anticipation of the coming day and headed to Bass Pro to sleep for the night.